Identifying Ford Engine

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- The Ford Motor Company has put identification number tags on some of Valve cover bolts are the big bolts on the top of the engine, holding . - A lot of Ford engines look very similar. Some parts are even interchangeable between engine families. This can lead to confusion and buying .From the start. Ford Engine Block Casting Number. The quickest path to block identification is the casting number and date code found above the starter on the.4V, 2x4v, 3x2v, Ford Mustang Mercury Tunderbird Galaxie Torino Fairlane letter E which identify this part as an engine component or belonging to the engine .

To identify a Ford engine, decode the engine identification tag of the engine, which is displayed in various locations depending on the engine. As of 2015, this method works for all Ford engines built after January 1964..Ford V8 Engine Identification Differentiating Between Ford V8 Engines The quickest way of differentiating between the different familys of Ford engines is to simply count the valve cover bolts..Identify the engine further to eliminate the 292 engine block. According to Precision Engine Tech, to identify the 312 externally, check the flywheel on the crankshaft. The 312 ECZ crankshaft has a small dot on the outer edge..

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