Identifying Forced Bulbs

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In this tutorial, Scott Atkinson shows us how to identify different types of bulbs. Common types of bulbs are: tulip, daffodil and lily. These are most easily identified but there are many that appear in flowers. A core looks similar to a bulb but it is a solid tissue and doesn't have an leaves, just a with a protective covering..As gardening has increased in popularity, some gardeners have taken for granted the old-fashioned pictorial chart showing how to plant bulbs. One of the nicest conveniences of that chart was the drawings of bulbs attached to the blooming flowers they can produce..Identifying bulbs is not as simple as one might think because of the huge variety available. Bulbs vary in size, shape and even type. They are all fairly simple to grow and provide color to perennial beds and rock gardens in spring, summer and even fall..Identify Bulbs Bases Click Here to go Bulb Color Choice Page if you need help choosing bulb colors Click Here if you want to go to our page that talks about Lumens and Quality.

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    Gardening Li.ry View by Date Search the Site. Growing Flowers and Vegetables from Seeds. Bulbs - Ed's Favorites - Flowers Indoors - Flowers Outdoors - Fruits - Lawn - Pest Control - Plant Diseases - Pruning - Transplanting - Trees Shrubs - Vegetables - Weed Control - Miscellaneous. Glossary Full Articles are in Bold . Bulbs. Bulb 101; Bulb Care After Blooming.

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    The large colorful blooms of these highly favored hybrids will steal the show in your garden starting in early summer each year. Each bulb produces 6-8 flowers, so that you will have plenty for cutting. Adaptable and easy to grow in most garden situations or in containers as well. Top-size 14/16 cm bulbs..

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    Bulbs are the epitome of nature's talent for packaging, containing within themselves all of the essentials they need to grow and flower. Some don't even require soiljust witness a paperwhite narcissus blooming happily indoors in nothing more than a bowl of marble chips..

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    Nearly 88 of home buyers consider high-efficiency heating and cooling important. Source: 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers; Nationalociation of REALTORS.

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