Identifying Flower Insects

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You can identify pest damage in one of two ways: You see the insect or the damage it causes. Use chemical sprays only as a last resort. Where possible, try pest traps and barriers, biological controls and organic sprays first..Identifying the problem is the first step in finding an earth-friendly solution to damage caused by garden pests. Gardener's Supply.Pest Control Li.ry Use our "mug s.s" to identify pest problems in your garden. Click on names for p.os and complete descriptions. On this page you will find sections for bugs, diseases and animal pests..Even the best house plant owner will come across pests. Our guide looks at common pests on indoor plants, and helps to identify Aphids, Mealybug, Red Spider Mites, Scale Insects, Sciarid flies, Fungus gnats, Slugs, Snails and Spring.s.

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