Identifying Florida Turtles

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The Florida red-bellied cooter or Florida redbelly turtle Pseudemys nelsoni is a species of turtle in the family Emydidae.Address: Marco Island, Florida Phone: 239-695-0000 Marco Island Boat Tours is an educational tour operator working in Florida's 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Everglades National Park and the surrounding protected areas..The Three Toed Box Turtle is a subspecies of the common box turtle.It gets its common name from its back feet, which have three .Although 50 species of snakes are found in Florida, only the 6 listed here are venomous and a danger to humans. The remaining 44 species and its subspecies are harmless and should be protected for the beneficial role they play in natural ecosytems, eating insects, rodents, rabbits, and other small prey..

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