Identifying Fish For Ponds In The Uk

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We have composed a list of suitable fish species for you which you can keep in your pond: Algae eater. Fathead minnow. Goldfish. Golden tench. Koi carps. Rosette. Shubunkin. Sturgeon..Barbel. Bleak. Bream. Brown trout. Carp. Chub. Dace. Flounder. Golden orfe. Grayling. Gudgeon. Invasive and non-native fish. Minnow. Perch. Pike. Rainbow trout. Rare and protected fish. Roach. Rudd. Ruffe. Salmon. Silver bream. Stone loach. Tench. Thick-lipped mullet. Three-spined stickleback. Caring for our fish..Goldfish. Easiest of the pond fish to keep, being a member of the carp family they can vary in colour from a red to very light gold. They will breed easily producing black young that may turn gold later in the right conditions. Goldfish can grow to 30cm but in normal British conditions they will probably reach 20cm 8in . goldfish..Our friend Jack Perks has spent a lot of time filming the freshwater fish species of the UK and has published a book full of p.ographs of all the species you may find. Donate Now. Together we can make a difference for freshwater wildlife. Find out more. Buy the Pond Book. A comprehensive guide for the creation and .

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