Identifying Fiscus Lyrata

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A Lyrata, or Fiddle Leaf Fig, requires less water than other ficus trees. Allow the top 50 of the soil to dry out and the leaves to become soft and flexible before watering a Ficus Lyrata. Keep water off of the large fiddle shaped leaves of this ficus to prevent mold. fertilizer..

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig How To Grow Care Ficus Lyrata

    Ficus Lyrata care guide. How to grow, identify, water, feed, and propagate a Ficus Lyrata, alsoed a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant. Learn lighting requirements and read about Ficus Lyrata diseases and pests. See a picture and get answers to Fiddle leaf Fig plant care questions..

  • How To Propagate A Ficus Lyrata Houseplant 411 How To

    Ficus Lyrata Your plant ised a Ficus Lyrata, its nickname is Fiddle Leaf Fig because of the shape of the leaves. The plant can be propagated by air layering and stem cuttings..

  • Identifying Ficus Tree Diseases And Their Precautionary

    Identifying Ficus Tree Diseases and Their Precautionary Measures Figs are popular decorative houseplants, especially for their rich foliage and modifiable canopy. Nevertheless, one should be very attentive regarding the diseases that can afflict these trees, such as .

  • How To Identify Ficus Varieties Ehow

    A few Ficus species have atypical growth habits that can help you to identify them. The creeping fig Ficus pumila grows as a vine and will quickly cover any and all surfaces up to four stories. The large leaves of the fiddleleaf fig F. lyrata tend to give it a shape thatnches less than other Ficus species when used as a houseplant..

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