Identifying Fire Extinguisher

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ClA Fire Extinguishers: paper, wood, rubber, cloth, and plastics. ClB Fire Extinguishers: flammable liquids including grease, oil, gasoline, and oil based paints. ClC Fire Extinguishers: electrical fires. ClD Fire Extinguishers: industrial applications including fires fueled by flammable metals.. - A foam barrier from an extinguisher, for example, will prevent oxygen getting to the fire. Water will lower the temperature below that required for ignition or by removing or diverting the fuel from a flammable liquid .. - Extinguishers that are suitable for ClA fires should be identified by a triangle containing the letter "A." A ClB fire extinguisher is used for flammable liquid and gas fires such as oil, gasoline, etc..There are basi.y four different types or of fire extinguishers, each of which extinguishes specific types of fire. Newer fire extinguishers use a picture/labeling system to designate which types of fires they are to be used on so users can quickly identify the of fire on which the extinguisher will be effective..

How Do You Check A Fire Extinguisher? Although a fire extinguisher may evade our thoughts and the particulars may be a mystery to most, the importance of .Q: I could've sworn I read somewhere that a monthly fire extinguisher inspection shall be done within 30 days AND that there is to be a 10 day grace period.Fire or designations are used to educate the public on identifying the different types of fires, and the proper fire fighting methods to be .Fire Warden, Fire Marshal Fire Extinguisher Training SAFE I.S. qualified instructors are affiliated to the Ins.ute of Fire Engineers and provide a .

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