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Depending on whether the file has no extension at all or one it cannot identify, you will either be asked to look for the extension online at or to scan the file with TrID. To get the latest file definitions, just download and extract the TrIDDefs.TRD package to Locate Opener's TrID folder..Go to the Online TrID File Identifier web site and click the "Choose File" button next to the text "Select file toyze." Then, once you've selected your file, click the ".yze!" button..Files may be saved to a single folder ortered across a drive. A good starting point for finding files types to include is to look at the registered file types on the computer. To find the registered file types on a computer running Windows 7 or Windows 8. Click Start. Open Control Panel, click Control Panel Home, and click Programs..File Info also helps to identify unknown file types with the File Identifier. File Identifier is a 468 KB download that basi.y acts like a search shortcut when Windows fails to identify an unknown file type..

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