Identifying False Favorites

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- Has anyone found a really good system for opposing favourites, either by laying them or finding something to back in opposition. I am to identify these false favourites and back something to beat them at better odds. How can I make this easier. Lots of questions there. OLBG collective, do you worst!. - In the following post I hope to explain how to find and lay horse racing false favourites using ratings. Actually to be more precise I will identify false favourites for laying within in a matter of minutes, using the most accurate s.d ratings you can find today. 14 years ago I was the one of the first to launch a lay .False Favorites -. If you had one "boon" - one wish granted to your race betting life - what would it be? No - it can 't be "to know every winner ahead of time" - let 's keep it as If you spend your time only identifying races that contain false favorites and then play only the races with those - you can far more quickly and easily i.d .Find out how to maximise your profit betting on uk racing by identifying false favourites using ratings. This is .

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