Identifying False Favorites

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The quest for the "false" favorite should be the number one priority for every It 's merely a guideline for determining just how good/bad the potential short prices . - Strong favorites outperformed the overall figures with a 38 percent win rate and about half of the loss. False favorites with no qualifier made up . - Some will be backing a favourite, but to do so someone else, will be I am to identify these false favourites and back something to beat . - Favorites only win one out of every three races. If you only bet favorites, you will lose two-thirds of the time. Learn how to spot false favorites..

"False favourites", for me, are any favourite where the premise on which they have been made favourite is misleading. But I would widen this to include all "false prices". After all, all a favourite is is the horse perceived by the betting market to be the most likely winner..Of course, those false favorites will still have some chance to win, but think about what you will gain. Favorites are always over bet in the exotics - period. The combinations not including the favorite are much more likely to be under bet..0 reviews for Horse Race Betting: How To Identify False Favorites online course. A complete blueprint on how to identify and lay false favorites in horse race betting.. Find out how to maximise your profit betting on uk racing by identifying false favourites using ratings. This is what we use everyday on to make money from UK and Irish horse racing. In this I will show you how to pick a weak favourite in under two minutes where you can lay it off on Betfair to make a handsome .

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