Identifying Fake Movado Watches

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Hi all,ing for help here. Trying to figure if a watch my Auntie gave me is real or not, it 's a Movado 2 tone stainless steel white musueam dial..He will tell you instantly if it 's a fake. 2. Ask the seller plenty of questions before buying. I would say that people are so eager to buy what they percieve is a ".nd" name watch they don 't do their homework. Also, the feedback from some of the buyers from a seller say they did take the watches to an authorized Movado .Movado 's popularity makes it a common watch to counterfeit. Study real Movado watches. Hold the watch in your hand and feel the weight. Check the components. Look for spelling errors and check all of the printing. Ask a Movado dealer how to spot bad serial numbers and misplaced logos. Compare prices..Movado makes luxury timepieces that are coveted for their beauty and precision craftsmanship. Though they 're not in the same clas Role., Movados are still considered to be in the top tier of watches. Because of their popularity, fake versions are made and sold every year. Step 1. Examine the printing on the watch .

How to Identify a Real Movado Watch How to Spot a Replica Baume Watch; How to Identify a Knockoff LeCoultre Watch; How Will I Know a Fake Panerai Watch?.Knowing how to spot a fake Movado watch will help you to make sure you purchase the real thing. Movado watches are some of the most luxurious watches and are sold .Movado is one of the premier watchmakers in the world. From its Swiss-made luxury watches to its fashion timepieces, Movado is widely copied by replica watch . Need help trying to ID this baby. I bought it new 40 years ago. Inside case says "" under Movado logo, which Iume is the.

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