Identifying Fake Cartier Watches

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It can be quite difficult to tell fake Cartier watches from genuine Cartier watches, but there are a few guidelines you can follow: Inscription. The simplest way to tell a fake Cartier watch is to remove the caseback. Weight. Gl Cabochon stone. Serial Number..

  • How Do You Identify An Authentic Cartier Watch

    An authentic Cartier watch can be identified by the logo and printing, the inscription on the movement, the construction of the case, the feel of the winding stem, and the quality of the dial. The overall weight of the watch is also a clue to the authenticity of the watch, as true Cartier watches .

  • How To Spot A Fake Cartier Watch Ebay Com

    I have become dismayed at the number of fake Cartier watches which are making their way on to ebay and are being sold for good money. I think that in many cases the owners are listing the watches in the belief that they are genuine..

  • How To Spot Fake Cartier Watches 8 Steps With P Os

    Cartier was founded in Paris, France in 1847 by Louis-Franois Cartier. Cartier is well known for its jewellery, wrist watches and Below are a few ways to spot fake Cartier watches. 1. The first thing to look for is overall quality. Check all de.s on the dial for quality and alignment..

  • How To Identify Fake Cartier Watches Woondu

    - Cartier watches should have a solid weight, becouse better materials - genuine Cartier will start at around $3,000 - look for serial number on the back or on the side of the casing..

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