Identifying Ethnic Background

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Most Americans and nearly all researchers are also aware that these general categories disguise significant heterogeneity within each of these major groups. To the extent possible, recent research has attempted to identify and compare subgroups within each of the major racial and ethnic groups, making distinctions by . - People have the right not to acknowledge everything, but don 't do it because society tells you that you can 't." Students: Tell us about your race and ethnicity. How do you identify yourself and why? Is your background a source of pride, confusion, discomfort or something else? How do others react to your .Specific Instructions: The two questions below are designed to identify your ethnicity and race. Regardless of your answer to question 1, go to question 2. Question 1. Are You Hispanic or Latino? A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other. Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race. ..

Background may refer to: Background journalism Computer wallpaper; Cultural heritage; Ethnic background; Field heraldry , background of a shield; Natural heritage.This study examined the influence of ethnic background, ethnic iden.y, and cultural iden.y on conflict styles among African Americans, Asian Americans, European .Full Name Date of Birth Gender Lives in Home Yes/No Do you Financially Support Child Yes/No Related to: Adopted Yes/No AD 521 8/11 PAGE II. MARITAL HISTORY.Racial/ethnic and weight status disparities inting and disordered weight control behaviors among early adolescents.

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