Identifying Ecstasy Pills

No view is an independent laboratory pill testing program run by Erowid Center with support from Isomer Design and Dancesafe. Its purpose is to collect, review, manage, and publish laboratory testing results from our lab and republished from otherysis projects worldwide. Learn more About Us Support the .How to Identify Ecstasy MDMA . MDMA aka. Ecstasy, E, X, XTC, Rolls, Beans, Adam, Molly is one of the most popular party drugs today. Unfortunately, fake Ecstasy is far too common. Getting swindled with bogus Ecstasy goes beyond the lousy feeling of getting ripped off - fake Ecstasy has landed many unsuspecting . - Black market ecstasy tablets generally bear an imprint designed to identify and distinguish a particular '.nd ' from other pills. Imprinting the logo of a popular or well-known company is very common. Following are images of more than 300 such tablets, showing various imprints and '.nds '. All tablets are .

Background. Ecstasy pills with MDMA as the main ingre.nt were introduced in many European countries in the 1980s, and were often linked to the rave and club scenes..How can you tell the difference between regular drug use and a drug problem? We review the basics of identifying addiction here..This paper examines the evidence for an MDMA or "ecstasy" dependence syndrome. Animal evidence suggests that MDMA may be a .Testing Molly or Ecstasy samples is a multi-step process. The standard test involves four re.ts Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin and Simon's . Simon's Re.t is.

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