Identifying Dragonfly Body Parts

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When at rest, Dragonflies will generally lay their wing pairs flat while Damselflies will typi.y hold their more elegant tear drop-shaped wings close together and away or above the body. Odonates are quick fliers that can seem to hover at times and they will even mate in mid-air the male and female flying about in tandem ..

A basic knowledge of dragonfly anatomy is of value. An insect thorax has three parts, Both body size and wing patches are slightly larger than in Red, .Parts of an Odonate. There are a few body parts that you really need to know as you go on your first dragonfly hunt. Knowing the body parts will be necessary for . Identifying dragonfly larva to family can be challenging. This short focuses your attention on the key body parts .Dragonfly Anatomy: Dragonfly Magnet or Pin Objective: Students will build an anatomi.y correct dragonfly of polymer clay while using vocabulary for body parts .

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