Identifying Downs Babies

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If you 're welcoming a new baby with Down syndrome DS into your family, you probably have many questions and concerns. One of my two children was born with the disorder, and I 've written this information keeping in mind my own diverse experiences..

How to Recognize the Signs of Down Syndrome. Prenatal Period Identifying Body Shape and Size Identifying chance of having a baby with Down .Down syndrome alsoed Trisomy 21 Condition Description. Down syndrome occurs when there is an extra chromosome full or partial of the number 21 chromosome..A newborn baby with Down syndrome often has physical features the attending physician will most likely recognize in the delivery room. These may include a flat profile, an upward slant to the eye, a short neck, abnormally shaped ears, white spots on the iris of the eye .ed Brushfield spots , and a single, deep transverse crease on the palm of .At birth, babies with Down syndrome are often the same size as other babies, but they tend to grow more slowly. Because they often have less muscle tone, .

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