Identifying Dobros

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The Dobro is a single cone resonator guitar that is easily confused at first glace with the single cone National guitars. But in fact, they are fundamentally different in construction and design. The Dobro resonator is dish-shaped, opposite of the volcano-shaped National resonator. The Dobro has an eight legged bridge support .A friend has inherited a round neck Dobro guitar and asked me if I could give him some info about it. Its wood bo.d from around the mid 90s he was told around 96/97 so I think that would mean it is Gibson and USA made? I know they made hound dogs but was unsure when this started? Was also .I just registered to RESO tonight, I 've been all over trying to figure out what the date is on my Dobro resonator guitar and the amount it is worth. I 've found minimal information about it and it 's killing me that I cannot find much info about it. The bit of identification the guitar has on it is stamped # .I 'm at what I believe is a mid-1930 's model 37 Dobro. Dark sunburst, no holes between the screens, solid head stock, laminated wood body, really yellowed plastic tuner buttons and original cover plate, Dobro decal, spider bridge and cone. I thought the serial number should have been on .

First up, inheriting any dobro is good news IMO. Without seeing it, if its a late '90s hound-dog, its probably asian made. Its not as good as the original hound-dog . 1980-1988 OMI Dobro: 8 # ### yD configuration. 8 is the decade of manufacture 8=1980s . or 4 numerals in center are serial number for year. Numeral y before letter is last digit of year. Last character is body type: D=wood, B=metal. Doesnt fit because the body type character is first. 1988-1994 OMI Dobro: A# #### yyD .Dobro and Regal divided the U.S. into two territories, with the Mississippi River as the center line; Dobro would sell to jobbers in the West, Regal in the East. The first Regal-made Dobros reached the market by the .Identifying old dobros and estimating their age It should be clear by now that if you've got a dobro built before 1968, it's going to be hard to find out anything very specific about .

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