Identifying Diodes Germanium Pictures

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- Use this schematic to test the diodes. You can easily distinguish Silicon and Germanium Diodes. Silicon diodes should read approx 0.7V and Germanium diodes should read 0.3V. A little difficult to distinguish Sc.tky diodes though. They should show approx 0.2V which is close to 0.3V. If you have a very . - i want to put together a field strength meter like the ones on this page:///rptr/wdr_fsm1.html i have all the parts i need except for the diodes. the schematics for 1n34. could i get away with using some other diodes? i have some diodes which i believe are germanium but are . - This marking convention only applies to Euro diodes, in the US the 1N designator is used and makes no distinctions. But, I don 't know of // Diodes usually have some marking to identify, don 't thing there are any germanium 's floating around since last fifty years..

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