Identifying Deer Tick

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Non-Flash Tick Identification Chart. Move the mouse pointer over each tick for zoomed view. Left-click a tick for more information about seasonal activity, known diseases transmitted, and larger images. Change the current region by left-clicking a region name to the right of the chart..Click on a tick row to view larger images and more information about tick species. Deer ticks, Ixodes scapularis Dog ticks, Dermacentor variabilis LoneStar ticks, Amblyomma americanum Brown Dog ticks, Rhipicephalus sanguineus Gulf Coast ticks, Amblyomma maculatum Western-Blacklegged ticks, Ixodes pacificus .Blacklegged ticks a.k.a Deer ticks take 2 years to complete their life cycle and are found predominately in deciduous forest. Their distribution relies greatly on the distribution of its reproductive host, white-.ed deer. Both nymph and stages transmit diseases such as Lyme disease,iosis, and Anaplasmosis..

How to Identify a Deer Tick. Of the over 80 types of ticks active in North America, there are only seven species that can transmit disease to humans through its bite .Tick Pictures 2002 - 2015 by John Moran, Newtown,CT, USA . Deer Tick Nymph, Live These tick pictures are an adjunct to the paper Dealing with Deer Ticks provided .Current Tick Activity In Your Area of the most common human-biting ticks..Here is a female deer tick, greatly enlarged, shown with a dime for scale. Here is a zoomed-in close-up view of the 4 stages of the Deer Tick. Note that the scale .

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