Identifying Daylilies

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99 of these p.os were taken within my daylily gardens which currently comprise 300+ different cultivars. Unfortunately, I have exhausted most availablee so further expansion is limited. There are 313 different daylilies in this gallery. Click on each p.o to enlarge ..Daylily colors range from almost white to a deep saturated satin red-purple. Golds and Yellow are the predominant colors in the species and originally in hybrids. Now a whole range of colors and combinations are found. There seems to be no real no true blue color pigmentation. Yellow, golds and reds carry well when . - Register a Daylily. Naming Rules pdf Instructions pdf Registration Form pdf . *** Register On-line ***. Flower Show Lists. Spiders Unusual Forms Doubles Polymerous Multiform No Size Recorded Section 5 Section [pdf]. menu bottom. top. Registration database last uploaded . - Is it a daylily or a true lily? When it comes to how you take care of your plant, there is a difference, and it matters. Here 's how to tell them apart..

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