Identifying Daylilies

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Daylily colors range from almost white to a deep saturated satin red-purple. Golds and Yellow are the predominant colors in the species and originally in hybrids..99 of these p.os were taken within my daylily gardens which currently . too, which I found useful in identifying daylilies when I 've lost their name tags.. - First off, it is important to bear in mind that the daylily is a root and not a bulb Double daylilies: These flowers are easy to identify because they .The following daylily questions and answers have been summarized from The Il.rated Guide to Daylilies, a publication of the American Daylily Society, .

If you have the name of your daylily and would like to see a picture- go to the American Hemerocalusociation page and click on daylily Database-then type in the name . It will usually show a pic- and all the info as to size, color, breeder etc..How to identify Daylilies? Those who like creating attractive gardens, outdoor areas, and even balconies, have different tastes and preferences when it comes to what they plant. However, one type of flower that is popular with most garden enthusiasts is the daylily..How to Identify Daylilies and Irises "Differences between iris and daylilyIn the foliage and root department, the daylily has a kind of rosette like base for the straps, with lots of smaller roots with little nodule like pieces along them..The daylily is sometimes referred to as the perfect perennial because it is available in a rainbow of colors and a variety of shapes and sizes. They are able to survive with very little care and once established they will survive in a wide range of soils and climates and light conditions. The daylilies are suitable for all types of landscapes..

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