Identifying Cpus And Sockets Visual Reference

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When we try to know a computer's architecture and performance at CPU level using Linux commands like nproc or lscpu, we often find out that we are not able to properly interpret their results because we confuse terms such as physical CPU, logical CPU, virtual CPU, core, thread, socket, etc. If we add concepts like HyperThreading.Also, a vCPU has been traditionally presented to the guest OS in a VM as a single core, single socket processor. Clearing the Confusion - vSphere Virtual Cores, Virtual Sockets, and Virtual CPU vCPU 103060 Out the Phony War: vSphere Hyper-V. 92842 Views. vSphere with Operations Manager vSOM 101.. 1 Socket/2 Cores is 2 CPUs and 2 Sockets/1core is still 2 CPU's Now I think i understand that the first example is a 2 core processor and the second example is 2 single core processors. But what I'm asking is there a best practice, or what is he REAL differences, like why would you want to do it one way as opposed to the other..Identifying Socket Types Intel decided to develop a new standard for upgrading a processor on motherboards, beginning with the 80486 chips and continuing with the Pentium-clprocessors. This standard wased processor sockets..

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