Identifying Computer Ram Chips

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- SIMM chips. Single in-line memory modules SI. come in 30-pin and 72-pin variants. The best way to identify a SIMM chip is by a notch next to the contacts on one side. The 72-pin SIMM has a notch among the contacts in the middle. Used extensively on older computers, Figure A shows a 30-pin, .Jump to How to upgrade your RAM - They also say you can dual channel using say two 256MB RAM sticks on channel A and one 512MB stick in channel B. In the end the motherboard "decides" whether the dual channelling will be implemented or not. If your computer has like mine one memory module in a . - You can usually identify the type of RAM it is by the s.d rating on the label, if it doesn 't outright say the DDR type. DDR: PC-1600 to PC-3200. DDR2: PC2-3200 to PC2-8500. DDR3: PC3-6400 to PC3-17000. If there is no label, you will have to google the model number printed on all of the chips..

How to identify different sizes of computer memory RAM? It is possible to identify the chips by part number. You have to identify the size of each the chips on a .Common IC Families. The quickest way to identify the chip is to identify that it is a member of an IC family. By identifying the family you find the function without .By Jeff Tyson Random access memory RAM is the best known form of computer memory. RAM is considered "random access" because you . Q: How do you identify all the chips on the motherboard? I want to be able to point to a chip and identify that chip. What's the secret to doing that?.

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