Identifying Company Missions

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- For Wolfe and his team, this involved identifying the values held by people they respected most in their lives, and finding what overlapped. "We wanted to define in one sentence what our higher purpose was, in a way that had no bearing on our specific business niche. For our mission, we thought in terms .However, it is most important that the employees of an organization understand the mission statement above anyone else. This is because members of the organization are expected to be able to identify with and commit to upholding the mission statement. Consequently, the mission statement should be reviewed frequently .To develop a mission statement at the corporate level the following steps are suggested: Drucker . 1. Establish a mission-writing group The writing group must be able to identify the company 's reason for existing, the primary customer, and what the goals and results should be. Members should include the chief executive, . - difficult time differentiating a vision from a mission-not just in wording, but in concept. adverti.t. A mission is a statement of why an organization exists. It should be short and very clear. Even big companies have mission and vision issues. Take The Walt Disney Company. Disney used to have a very .

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