Identifying Colt Upper

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- What type proof marks or other marking features are typi.y found on a genuine Colt upper receiver ? I searched the forums and didn 't come across a post that addressed this question. Thanks GEEZER..So at the gun show today I found an FLATTOP upper receiver. I ask what kind it was and the guy told me it was a colt. On the right side there was a triangle mark and one other but I forget what it was. Also, it had a detachable iron sight I don 't believe I have ever seen. On the left hand side there was a lever .You upper receiver will be marked with one of the following: CM = Colt / Martin Marietta CH = Colt Harvey Aluminum CK = Colt / Kaiser Aluminum C MB = Colt / Mueller BrCM is the most common that I have found. The bolt carrier should have a heavy stamped C.TR.; I 'd appreciate some professional advice here to help me identify an old Colt Upper AR15 .There are no serial numbers --- markings on .

This page is intended as a guide to identify the various Colt manufactured M16 variants and derivatives. This is not a complete list of all variants produced by Colt .THERE ARE THREE DISTINCT SERIES maybe even depending on how fine you interpret it This article is a brief rendition of the Colt "Woodsman series, and will .Colt Model 750/.maco C7 Light Support Weapon - A modified C7 with an enlarged gas hence the square handguard and a heavy barrel for sustained fire in the .ARAK-21 Features. Components of the ARAK-21 Upper Receiver: The ARAK-21 is a gas piston actuated, complete upper receiverembly designed to seamlessly .

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