Identifying Chronic Homeless Leveraged Resources For Project

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10 Strategies to End Chronic Homelessness CrIndicator: Triage Tool for Identifying Homelesss in Cr Economic Roundtable Toolkit for Implementing a Homeless Preference HUD 9. Leverage Medicaid and Behavioral Health Funding to Pay for Services in Supportive Housing.This project feature describes how the GPL provided pro bono technicalistance to help M.achusetts launch a supportive housing initiative to reduce chronic homelessness. This project will provide permanent supportive housing for up to 800 individuals over six years and demonstrates an innovative model of sustainable state support for chroni.y homeless individuals..This project was carried out in services that combined HUD's resources with funds from the federal Departments of Technical Guidance: Understanding the Chronic Homeless Definition cont. homeless persons. For example, a qualified homeless person might have the.Identify the specialized needs of vulnerable populations they will serve such as unaccompanied youth, families with children, Veterans, survivors of domestic violence, and chronic homeless persons . 4 demonstrating that the project leveraged non-Medicaid resources available in the local.

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