Identifying Chrome Moly Tubing

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I have asked this question to a lot of people and posted it on a few forums. How do you tell the difference between Chromoly and Mild Steel with no markings? The answers I have received were as follows: 1. Grind both pieces of metal and there will be a different spark pattern. I ground a piece of Chromoly .Drag Racing Tech - identifying chromoly or mild steel cage - car came with a wolfe 6point cage installed, previous owner said it is chromoly but i.. - All the test welds, for the certificate, were done on 25~35mm thin wall chrome moly, ornese moly tubing. I would be very surprised I think you could identify the steel within reasonable doubt anyway with a harness test, but I can 't seem to find useful comparisons in the infobog. This may help if you .When a vendor advertises his product as being made of 4130 chromoly, how can we be really sure? We have a lot of steel laying around the shop, must of..

WELCOME TO THE BICYCLE MUSEUM. Bicycles are wonderfully simple, eloquent and efficient machines. A few of the bikes were purchased by me, or for me, new, including ."John made the company's first 4130-chromoly prototype in 1975 from tubing salvaged from a small airplane fuselage. John was an experimental airplane test pilot .Categories: Coil Winding Machinery and Services, Manufacturing Equipment, Medical Tubing Processing, Testing Equipment. Can a 650B randonneur bike climb as well as the bestanium racing bikes? It did climb as well in a Bicycle Quarterly test, and that raised a few .

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