Identifying Chevy Bellhousing

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Chevy Clutch Housings. Most people define Chevrolet Bellhousings by the Clutch size i.e. 10.5",11", or 12" . Flywheel Diameter 12.75" or 14" or number of .Chevy Truck Inspection Plate. Chevrolet Truck Bellhousing Casting Number 460486. ".p" of a 168 tooth flywheel clutch cover..Casting #3858403 153 Tooth Chevy. The Chevrolet parts manuals that I have are dated after 1980 and ALL 3858403 part numbers are followed by this notation IDENT. To add to the confusion, the bell cast on the clutch fork ball stud boss of some bells..Chevy Bellhousing Identification The Chevy "403" is an aluminum 153 tooth bellhousing with a 4 5/8" center hole. This makes it compatible with all GM 4 s.ds Muncie,Saginaw,T-10 , except the 1963 small bearing retainer transmissions..

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