Identifying Cellular Numbers

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The mobile identification number MIN or mobile subscription identification number MSIN refers to the 10-digit unique number that a wireless carrier uses to identify a mobile phone, which is the last part of the international mobile subscriber iden.y IMSI . The MIN is a number that uniquely identifies a mobile phone .The MIN Mobile Identification Number is a number that uniquely identifies a mobile telephone subscriber. MINs are 34-bits in length. The first 10 bits are sometimes known as MIN2, while the last 24 bits are referred to as MIN1. Together they are simply known as the MIN. In the United States, the MIN is derived from..However, that doesn 't mean that finding a cell phone number listing is an impossible task. While mobile phone numbers are notoriously tricky to look up, there are a couple of tricks you can try. In this article, we 're going to look at five different ways you can use the internet to potentially track down a cell phone number..

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