Identifying Caucasian And African Caribbeans

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The term Negro was widely used by White Europeans as a shortened form of the racial cl.ification Negroid to describe people of sub-Saharan African heritage. The term African [origin] in the context of scientific writing on race and ethnicity usually refers to a person with African ancestral origins who self identifies or is .Modern Caribbeans usually further identify by their own specific ethnic ancestry, therefore cons.uting various subgroups, largest of which are: Afro-Caribbean largely descendants of eman.ted African slaves White Caribbean largely descendants of European colonizers and Indo-Caribbean largely descendants of . - "Don 'tume all Blacks are African-American; there also are people who are African, Afro-Latino, Afro-European, Afro-Caribbean, etc." In the case of your son 's friend, post-slavery immigrants from a country in Africa can readily identify themselves by where they came fromit 's on their p.ports. Black .Rather, this statement is only my opinion and how I choose to identify myself. By making "touchy" statements like this, a lot of blacks tend to feel offended. They tend to think that one feels somewhat superior when they identify as African or Caribbean-American because they don 't want to beociated with the term "African .

I read it on forms. I hear it conversation. And most annoying of all, people refer to me as such. I'm talking about the word Caucasian. Sure we're all .Carl Yard Hamden, CT I think the term African American was self serving for Black Americans .They obviously did not consider people like me who are black and from the .Interethnic Differences in Serum Lipids and Implications for Cardiometabolic Disease Risk in African Ancestry Populations.The epidemiologic study of cataract and lens opacity has made great strides in determining the magnitude of the problem and the burden cataract places on human.

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