Identifying Carter Yf 1 Barrel Carburetor

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Carter YF, 1 barrel carburetor technical help, including free how tos and free When no carburetor number is present, you may be able to identify your .How to find the Carter YF, YFA carburetor number? Which means finding the correct kit. Fuel enters the idle well through the metering rod jet shown..The Carter Y series carburetors were 1-barrel downdraft YF, YFA, YS or The Carter YH sidedraft carb kit CK456 was used on a triple carb Identification..YF-series carburetors employ manual and vacuum control of the metering rod and For identification, the series designation is stamped on the body under the A worn or damaged idle adjustment or low-s.d jet should be replaced..

The Carter Y series carburetors were 1-barrel downdraft YF, YFA, YS or sidedraft YH carburetors used at various times on most makes of American cars and trucks, usually on cylinder applications. Identification. 1970's Carter YF . .// is happy to provide this informational about the Carter YF and YFA carburetor. This il.rates how to find the c .The adjustment below is for early Carter YF carburetors that don't have an adjusting at the top of the metering rod. Most YFA carburetors would have the star type of adjusting. This adjustment is important and should be performed anytime the carburetor is rebuilt, or the metering rod replaced..Carter YF Needle Seat Height Problem We have run into a few older YF carburetors that use a shorter needle seatembly than what is provided in the carburetor kits. We have added an additional needle to our kits .

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