Identifying Capacitors

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The first two digits are the two most significant digits of the value, and the third digit is the exponent on the 10. The value is expressed in terms of pico-Farads. To decode the value, take the first two digits, then follow them with the number of zeros indicated by the third digit..

Archived from groups: I am new to board work and have a dumb question about the capacitors I just ordered. How do you identify the positive side and .Capacitor Marking Table Ceramic and Monolithic Cap's IMPORTANT: Capacitors with values below 100 pf may be marked two ways: Either with just two digits 22 pF = "22 .Resistors Identifying resistors . Most axial resistors use a pattern of coloredes to indicate resistance. SMT ones follow a numerical pattern..When it comes to testing capacitors, I'm in the dark. Which is why I am so grateful for the following .

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