Identifying Bulb Plants

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True Bulbs. A true bulb, such as an onion, consists of fleshy layers of leaves that store food for the developing plant. True Bulb: Onions. True bulbs are made of leaves layered with a papery skin, like onions. True Bulb: Lily. Corms. Corm: Crocus. Rhizomes. Rhizome:

Even though The SA Bulb Company is primarily a bulb export business, we do have a ReNursery at Hartbeespoortdam and sell bulbs, irises and daylilies via mail .Describes the survival use of plants for medicines,, eating, and shelter..Babiana sp. P.os below are of pictures of Babianas taken in the wild that were not identified to the species level. Any help in identifying them would be appreciated..Grow All You Need to Know About Spring Daffodil Narcissus. A bunch of daffodils denotes joy and happiness yet a single daffodil signifies misfortune, white daffodils .

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