Identifying Bridgeport Mill

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Gentleman, I have the opportunity to acquire this machine however I am not familiar with the particular model and de.s that I should know about. So with that said, from the attached p.o below: What model is it?. I have the opportunity to purchase a Bridgeport mill. Unfortunately the owner moved to CA and it's stored in his grandmother's garage on the East cost..I've seen this question asked on a number of users groups over the years, and thought a better question would be: "Where are the serial numbers that date my Bridgeport mill?"..Bridgeport is and of milling machines and machining centers, which are machine tools used in the machining industries. Thend was produced by Bridgeport .

  • M Head Notes Bridgeport Askmisterscience Com

    THE MIGHTY M HEAD Early Bridgeport M head quite at home on a 1950 Van Norman 22L-U Universal Mill The M head, unlike its successor, the J head, doesn't have back gears or power spindle downfeed..

  • Machine Shop Tips Nemes

    BRIDGEPORT MILL Tramming or Indicating the Head to Zero:///watch?v=JfANyiS8Hs4: BRIDGEPORT MILL indicating the vise:///watch?v=TGmaIllVA9c.

  • New York Metropolitan Area Wikipedia

    New York metropolitan area New York-Newark-Bridgeport, NY, NJ, CT, PA; Megacity.

  • Small Cnc Mills Practical Machinist

    My brother is interested in getting a mill and he has been talking the small ones, like Rong-Fu. Now he also wants CNC. I told him he would be better off spending more money and buying a CNC Bridgeport clone, as he wants to take this from a hobby into a small volume manufacturing venture. What do .

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