Identifying Bridgeport Mill

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- Hi Everyone, I have searched and read but haven 't had much luck finding answers to my questions. I am interested in purchasing a Bridgeport vertical knee mill, but I don 't understand enough about the various models to be able to make an educated buying decision. When it does come time to look at a . - Bridgeport Mill identification General Tool Discussion..The machine serial number is located on the knee casting. Standing in front of the machine, crank the Y axis handle to move the saddle to the rear of its travel. The sliding guards will move to the rear exposing the stamped number. Most serial numbers start with a "12/BR" which signifies a 12" Y axis travel, however, . - I 've seen this question asked on a number of users groups over the years, and thought a better question would be: "Where are the serial numbers that date my Bridgeport mill?". It seems that most new owners try and look up the numbers on the head itself. THIS IS NOT THE NUMBER THAT DATES YOUR .

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