Identifying Bond Types

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Ionic bonds consist of metals and nonmetals. Covalent bonds are made of nothing but nonmetals. Each bond type follows a distinctive set of nomenclature rules. This quiz covers the ability to distinguish between covalent and ionic bonds..2 Covalent bond. The most common bond in organic molecules, a covalent bond involves the sharing of electrons between two atoms. The pair of shared electrons forms a new orbit that extends around the nuclei of both atoms, producing a molecule. There are two secondary types of covalent bonds that are relevant to biology polar bonds and .Retirees seeking income from their investments typi.y look into bonds. Here's a look at the types of bonds, bond funds and their pros and cons. Investing..These bonds are issued by companies or financing vehicles with relatively weak balance sheets. They carry ratings below triple-B. Default is a distinct possibility. As a result, high-yield bond prices are more closely tied to the health of corporate balance sheets. They track stock prices more closely than investment-grade bond prices..

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