Identifying Blue Willow Pottery

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- The Blue Willow pattern combines design elements influenced by Chinese export porcelain, which was popular in early-18th century England. English china manufacturers produced Blue Willow through a processed transfer printing. Registry marks may help identify authentic Blue . - The Blue Willow Pattern has been in constant production for over 200 years and is a favorite among collectors. Learn how to collect, evaluate, care for, and identify blue willow china..These are not the only patterns available in Blue Willow, but they are the most common and recognizable. If you are interested in finding out about every pattern option, consider purchasing a Blue Willow reference book..By the mid-1700s the British potters were gaining the knowledge to produce wares in an effort to compete with the Chinese imports. Remember, the willow pattern has been made by hundreds of potters. No one will be able to identify what you have, if you just say it 's blue and white in color, without seeing it in person..

New Blue Willow A grocery chain in the Midwest offered new Blue Willow china with a confusing back-stamp. Larger serving pieces carry obviously modern words such as "Dishwasher Safe" but smaller pieces are simply marked "ChurchillEnglandWillow"..Blue Willow china is the most popular pattern of china ever made, as well as the most famous. This may be because of the legend following Blue Willow china, or it may be because of the gorgeous design .Blue Transferware: Flo Blue, Ironstone, Blue Willow, StaffordshireBy Mark Chervenka Blue Transferware: Flow Blue, Ironstone, Blue Willow, Staffordshire Flo Blue, Blue Willow, and Staffordshire Historical Blue are all names of various wares decorated with underglaze transfer designs in cobalt blue..Over time, many china producers created their own "blue china" or "blue willow" lines, complete with fictional romantic stories to help sell the lines. Know how to identify the original products to get the best pieces for your money..

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