Identifying Black And White Wire On Dishwasher Electrical Cord

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- Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Kenmore Elite dishwasher has a white and a black wire. My power cord is a solid grey. The middle is the ground and there is one wire that has a smooth casing and one that is ribbed. Which one do connect to what? The instructions do not . - As this is for a dishwasher, neutral must connect to neutral and to, any mess-up here is going to be. National Electrical Code 2014 One or more ridges, grooves, or whitees located on the exterior of the cord so as to identify one conductor for cords having insulation on the individual .When I replaced the dishwasher, I forgot to mark the old power supply cord wires, which one was black . and which one was white neutral . They are not color coded but one has covered with grooved ? gray rubber skin and the other one is just smooth. Are you talking about the cord .

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