Identifying Bird Feather

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- To identify an unknown feather, click on "Identify Feather." This will open a tool allowing you to cl.ify your feather by color, pattern, and other optional characters, and then run a search for feathers with similar characteristics.. - IDENTIFY FEATHER: SEARCH FOR SIMILAR FEATHER TOOL. CHOOSE PATTERN view more information about Choosing Patterns .. - for more discussion on the challenges of feather identification, and for a list of major groups of birds not yet il.rated in the Atlas. STEP 1: Choose SEARCH FOR SIMILAR FEATHER from the top menu bar. STEP 2: First, compare your unknown feather to the eight Pattern Exemplars..

Goal. This website promotes feather identificaton, research, and appreciation by providing high-resolution scans of the flight feathers of North American birds. This is an ongoing project, and new species are added regularly..When trying to learn bird feather identification, often the most useful feathers to have are those from the wings, body and. Flight feathers and feathers tend to be the largest, and can give you a sense of the relative size of the bird.. Ever find a feather, and were just dying to know what bird it came from? You can get a little help in your feather identification quest from The Feather Almanac.It may take some browsing around, but you can find images of flight feathers from hundreds of birds flight feathers are the long feathers from the wings and of birds--the big straight feathers ..Ornithologist Carla Dove explains how the microscopic structure of a bird's feather can help identify the species and at the same time, make air travel safer for humans.

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