Identifying Biedermeier Furniture

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Clean lines, a shimmering finish and exquisite craftsmanship with natural woods make an authentic Biedermeier chest an instant focal point in any setting. Originating in the early 19th century, Biedermeier furnishing design influenced subsequent furniture styles and enjoyed repeated revivals throughout the 19th and 20th .I want to share with you my expertise. If you are in search for true Biedermeier furniture, you may appreciate to ground your decision for any kind of investment on research-based correct main data about true Biedermeier furniture and protect yourself with knowledge about Biedermeier copies which are overflowing today 's .An identifying feature of Biedermeier furniture is its extremely restrained geometric appearance. Some furniture took on new roles; for example, the table became the family table, around which chairs were set for evening activities. Or table tops could be placed against the wall in a vertical position. A portable piano had a .The formal vocabulary of the style may be read most clearly in furniture: weighty forms, reliable materials, smoothly polished surfaces, restrained decoration, the use of materials with characteristic patterns and great durability. In Biedermeier furniture, the choice of wood was of primary importance. Smooth, flat surfaces with .

Biedermeier furniture derives essentially from the Empire and Directoire styles; while plump and naively grotesque at its worst, it did often reach remarkable .Antique Glossary B featuring antique terms and meanings for 18thC and 19thC antiques beginning with B from Baccarat to Buhl Work and Bow-Front to Burr.Includes: what is a china head doll?, famous manufacturers and their marks, dating dolls, determining value, valuable rare dolls, antique doll dealers, and collecting . Many of the following images copyright Jeffery Howe. Special thanks to///bc_org/avp/cas/fnart/fa267/hvgothic.html England Dean and .

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