Identifying Bears Claw Prints

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- Two claws have left an imprint, but the others are not seen. The inner toe on a bear track is the smallest, which is the opposite of human feet. There is also an additional paded the carpal pad, seen as a circular imprint below the palm of this track. The carpal pad is not often seen in bear prints, unless you . - The black bear 's front feet are more rectangular than the rear feet. The heel pad may appear in the track as a separate circle below the metacarpal pad. They will likely show claws too with the claws on the front feet appearing longer and with a larger gap between the toe and claw. With a good print, the rear .Know Your Bears - look for a combination of characteristics. Color varies from blond to black. No distinctive shoulder hump. Rump is higher than front shoulders. Face profile is straight. Ears are taller and less rounded than grizzly ears. Front claws are 1-2 inches long and curved to facilitate climbing..

Seasonal plants, especially high-energy fruit, are favorites for bear. Spring: First sprouting and roots in areas where bears hibernate..I looked out my door this morning and in the snow were a path of large perfect circles, almost the size of a saucer. No paw prints, just perfect circles..We have two informational workshops coming up this month. Feel free to come ask us questions, learn more about the project, the animals, and don't forget to bring .I've always had a complicated relationship with hunting. I've never made it a secret that I hunt, and I enjoy my forays into the wild country immensely. In Alaska .

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