Identifying Barbie Dolls

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Help with Barbie Identification or any Fashion Doll ..

Identify Mattel vintage Barbie dolls 1963-1967, p.os, descriptions, doll markings, buy, sell, collect, values.Identify dolls for collectors, buyers or sellers of dolls in all eras types, we include p.os, full descriptions de.ed doll markings.1975 by: Suzanne Hi Jacque - 1966 is the patent date of the TNT Barbie not the date the Barbie was made. Millions of dolls where made from 1966 through today with .Pedigree Toys' market research was correct - Sindy's "girl next door" look made her more popular than Barbie in Britain. Sindy's boyfriend Paul was released in 1965 .

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