Identifying Bacterial Unknowns

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Various steps involved in the identification of unknown bacteria are: Isolation: The importance of this step is to isolate pure colonies of bacteria. Staining Reactions: Biochemical reactions: Indole test: Methyl Red Test: Voges Proskauer Test: Citrate Utilization Test: TSI:.Purpose. The purpose of this lab is to introduce a variety of lab techniques to students working on the common problem of identifying an unknown bacterium. This lab helps students develop an understanding of the biochemical and molecular differences in bacteria and introduces the concept of identifying species based on .

Bacterial Unknowns AP Biology Benskin Overview and Purpose: This project is intended to let you as students experience what "real" science is. Book knowledge is valuable, but if you continue on in the field of science, handson practice of the scientific method is just as important..In this exercise, you will draw upon many of your new skills to identify unknown bacteria. will be given three bacterial cultures and asked to identify each to the level of genus. selected include types you have stu.d this semester and some new genera. flow chart for identifying the unknown bacteria..First semester focuses on molecular biology, bacterial genetics, and introductory biochemistry. This lab was designed for 500 students split into lab sections of 20. However, this curriculum is easily adaptable to accommodate any number of students. In this lab, students identify an unknown bacteria using a biochemical method and a .The identification of bacteria is a careful and systematic process that uses many different techniques to narrow down the types of bacteria that are present in an unknown .

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