Identifying Bacillus Megaterium

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Cherrapunjee > View > Bacillus megaterium. Back Go back. Microbe Type. Bacteria. Name of Microbe. Bacillus megaterium IMViC Test : -ve,-ve,+ve,+ve..Phylum Firmicutes, ClBacilli, Order Bacillales, Family Bacillaceae, Genus Bacillus, Bacillus megaterium de Bary 1884. Possible synonyms: B. tumescens .Abstract Ten bacteriophages specific for Bacillus megaterium were isolated from a clay loam soil sample collected from the Experimental Farm of Faculty of .Bacteriology - Identification | ID 9 | Issue no: 3 | Issue date: 24.02.15 | Page: . Bacillus mycoides, Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus megaterium..

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    Bacillus megaterium. Description and significance. Bacillus megaterium is a gram positive, endospore forming, rod shaped bacteria. It is considered aerobic. It is found in soil and considered a saprophyte. Bacillus megaterium is latin for the big beast because it is an extremely large bacteria, it is about 100 times as large as E. coli..

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    Identification of Bacillus megaterium and Microbacterium liquefaciens genes involved in metal resistance and metal removal. Fierros-Romero G 1, 1 , Gmez-Ramrez M 1, 1 , Arenas-Isaac GE 1, 1 , Pless RC 1, 1 , Rojas-Avelizapa NG 1, 1 ..

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    We report on the identification and characterization of 14 Bacillus megaterium and four Bacillus sp. clinical isolates that are nonhemolytic, nonmotile, and produce a capsule antigeni.y similar to B. anthracis..

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