Identifying Asbestos Wall Insulation

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- But asbestos can also be found in some types of loose-fill attic and wall insulation, too. You have no worries if your insulation is in batt form--the type of insulation that may pose a risk is loose-fill insulation that is poured loosely into joist or wall stud cavities..However, properly identifying asbestos insulation can help you avoid some serious health problems in the future. Therefore, if you have asbestos insulation, you need to properly identify it and have it safely removed from your house. If it was built before then, there is a chance that it could be asbestos in your walls.. - Asbestos Insulation Board AIB products. AIB was commonly used in walls, building facades, ceilings, fascias soffits, fire-proofing, lift shafts and external cladding. AIB is very fibrous when disturbed and can only be removed by a licensed asbestos removal contractor..

An asbestos consultant or surveyor should be used in identifying potential asbestos containing materials. Identifying asbestos cannot be confirmed by a visual .Sometimes there are simple solutions to dealing with asbestos, but this is not one of those cases. If the insulation had been present and intact, you could have .How to recognize vermiculite building insulation that may contain asbestos fibers -Vermiculite Building Insulation: properties, uses, asbestos content What is .Licensed Asbestos Removal and Surveying, Thermal Insulation and Commercial Roofing Contractors. Repairs, Installation and Surveys Yorkshire the UK..

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