Identifying Asbestos Ceiling Tile

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If breathed in, asbestos fibers can cause mesothelioma, lung cancer or asbestosis - all fatal illnesses. Asbestos was common in ceiling tiles, tile adhesives, dry wall, duct wrap, and ceiling texture sprays from the 1940s through the 1990s. One of the most common uses of asbestos ceiling tiles was in "drop ceilings"..The asbestos fibers in ceiling tiles can look extremely similar cellulose, which is the most common material ceiling tiles are produced with. Only a test from an asbestos testing lab will be able to determine whether or not ceiling tiles contain asbestos. One of the most common patterns of asbestos drop ceiling tiles..In these p.ographs of older square ceiling tiles the p.o below left shows a smooth ceiling tile and the second p.o below right an acoustic ceiling tile with its characteristic pattern of holes. Both of these products might contain asbestos fibers, though the prin.l material is usually cellulose..Acousting ceiling tile tested not asbestos C InspectApedia R.N. Asbestos-Free Ceiling Tiles How to Identify Non-Asbestos Acoustic Ceiling Tiles by Lab Test .

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