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My name is Patrick Kilchermann, and through an organization I 've foundeded the Concealed Carry University, I 've had a unique opportunity to become painfully aware Dave Grossman, declares that the #1 Killer of armed Americans and police officers is NOT criminals and murderers - instead, our #1 killer is DENIAL.. - Outside of the obvious su.ious bulge, or an actual gun butt protruding from someone 's clothing, it is virtually impossible to know if an individual is carrying a concealed firearm. One way to deal with this ongoing problem is toume that every subject or individual that you meet or encounter is armed until . - Warn the officer of the location of your firearm on a "need to know" basis if you think it might be exposed. It 's not against the law to accidentally show a concealed weapon. But if an officer sees it unexpectedly you might end up the subject of armed takedown with the SWAT team on its way. That 's not the way .Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Armed American 's Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense at I didn 't think of 10 of the issues I needed to deal with if I was going to carry a handgun safely and effectively but now I 'm confident EVERY morning when I slide my .

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