Identifying Armed Subjectsconcealed Weapons

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- Outside of the obvious su.ious bulge, or an actual gun butt protruding from someone 's clothing, it is virtually impossible to know if an individual is carrying a concealed firearm. One way to deal with this ongoing problem is toume that every subject or individual that you meet or encounter is armed until . - The people who do carry pistols regularly are usually either 1 a licensed concealed carry permit holder and/or 2 off-duty police, military, or security personnel. These people have, to a greater or lesser extent, a good reason to have a weapon. Other people carrying a concealed weapon are usually doing . - It 's common for citizens who do carry concealed to be very pro-law enforcement and willing to come to your aid if you were in the middle of a firefight. How to recognize In talking with CCW carriers in my courses I have had numerous opportunities to get their point of view on this subject. By and large, they .When placing a subject under observation for the purpose of trying to determine whether or not that person is possibly armed, what is the first Stiffer Arm. 88 of the people in the U.S. are right handed. The majority of those right- handed people that carry handguns illegally carry them in the right front waist band, loose..

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