Identifying Aquarium Catfish

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Book Reviews. Catfish fishkeeping book reviews written by aquarists for aquarists. Includes de.s on where you can buy them online..The catfish species listed here are some of the most popular among hobbyists. These catfish usually are purchased to perform some sort of function..58 rows List of freshwater aquarium fish species This article has multiple issues. .Identifying this species of catfish is simple, because of the bristly appendages on the nose and the mouth of this fish. It is due to this appearance that the fish gets its name. This fish is dark gray in color and has lighter gray spots all over its body..

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    Aquarium algae is one of the most frustrating problems you can face. Learn how to identify brown algae, remove it, and prevent it from returning..

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    When you set out to plumb an aquarium set-up with a sump, the more planning / thought you put into the original set-up, the better it will be in the long run.This is not a very hard thing to do at all, if you focus on the basics and understand them..

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