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- Identifying Animators and Their Scenes. The goal of this blog is to help people identify the many wonderful and then not so wonderful animators from the Golden Age of cartoons. Check back every day for more fun!. - My new favorite blog of the moment is Thad Komorowski 's "Identifying Animators and Their Scenes." The site has only been up for a few days and it 's already packed with excellent material. As the name of the blog implies, its concept is dead simple: post clips from Golden Age cartoons and identify who . - One of them stands out in particular, since it 's the least intuitive one and ties into the particularities of the Japanese industry; the room for expression individual key animators are given has led to fans getting used to identifying their cuts, which might seem like dark wizardry to the eyes of a newcomer.. - Please check out Thad Komorowski 's blog, Identifying Animators and their scenes. Thad is a terrificyst of the individual styles of great cl.ic animators, and his posts are il.rated with Youclips so you can actually see the work of these animators -- because animation is about movement, stills .

My new favorite blog of the moment is Thad Komorowski's "Identifying Animators and Their Scenes." The site has only been up for a few days and it's already .We're entertaining ourselves on Cartoon Brew's account this afternoon with a series of childhood p.os of famous animation folk. How many can you identify?.Preserving a Portion of Cinematic History By Kristen McCormick and Michael R. Schilling An animation cel from the Disney film Alice in Wonderland 1951 exhibiting .PowerPoint Chapter 3. Matching and Animation that emphasizes an object or text that is A combination of the column letter and row number identifying a cell..

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