Identifying Animal Tracks

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Animal tracks. Introduction to the tracks of North American animals. Descriptions of the natural history of each species. Search and rescue tracking information. Educational activities for teachers and naturalists. Includes animal tracks of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects..Animal tracks are a window into an otherwise be a hidden world of wild animals. Animals are all around us, but many are stealthy, shy, and seldom seen..Identifying animal tracks takes our connection one step further pardon the pun towards bonding with our animal totems and animal guides. Learn more here..Easier - An animal track is a mark left by a moving animal.You can find the path, route, or course of the animal by examining its track. Harder - Tracking is a technique that scientists and hunters use to find and follow animals. Most people think of following the footprints of an animal, but there are other ways to track animals..

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