Identifying And Teaching Gifted Students

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Student Educational Profiles. While many forms may be used to identify gifted children, an academic or artistic case study approach can offer a more comprehensive process. Case stu.s may include data, observations, and growth demonstrated in various settings.. - Do any of your students fall into one of these groups? If so, you are one step closer to being able to support them. In the coming weeks, we will provide strategies to support each of these gifted learner groups. You can also check out our new course, Reaching and Teaching Gifted Students in the Regular .The system for identifying gifted and talented students described in this article is based on a broad range of research that has ac.ulated over the years on the In this regard, we recommend the use of a training activity that is designed to orient teachers to the behavioral characteristics of superior students Renzulli .Supporting their gifted children. They may request acceleration for their child in mathematics, a spe- cialized curriculum or course, extracurricular activities, a pullout program, or even a different teacher. Since misconceptions about identifying gifted students are prevalent, it 's important that have information that will .

Students who excel in academics require more than traditional teaching. This article presents educators with a variety of gifted and talented teaching resources .Gifted students have a wide range of wonderful characteristics that can make teaching them enjoyable if you know what to look for. Gifted children have many . Two Cents. I believe the majority of students who are identified as "gifted" in the early academic years are products of good households: two parents who .Gifted? It is important for gifted children to be with other gifted children, the more often the better. By Cathy Kroninger.

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