Identifying An Unknown Compound

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Chemical tests transform an unknown into a different compound with an accompanying change in appearance. These tests are oftened cl.ification tests because they identify the possible functional groups present. 4. Formation of a solid derivative is a critical step in identifying an unknown..

Identification of the unknown. In this lab we will focus on using Solubility Tests, Chemical Tests and Spectraysis to identify two unknown compounds. Overview: In this experiment, you will combine both spectroscopy and qualitative tests to identify an unknown organic compound.. If they are unorganic compounds or salts, a series of pretests and test reactions should reveal the cons.uents. If they are organic compounds, there are many test you can do to identify fuctional groups, but if you need the full structure of the molecules, you .It's usually not used to identify an unknown substance, but to figure out the long-range structures of known materials. If you have a protein and want to know how it folds, or if you want to know what the structure of a crystal is, this will do the job..LAB REPORT. IDENTIFYING AN UNKNOWN COMPOUND PURPOSE To determine the properties of six compounds and design an experiment to identify an unknown substance. PROCEDURES Baking soda sodium bicarbonate, chalk magnesium carbonate, , washing soda sodium carbonate, , table salt sodium chloride, 7 , .

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    A chemical formula is a way of expressing information about the proportions of atoms that cons.ute a particular chemical compound, using a single line of chemical element symbols and numbers..

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